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Special text elements
Package Description View TeXdoc
url Typeset URLs, emails, paths etc. verbatim 1 (url)
footnpag Footnotes 4: page-per-page numbering (footnpag)
ftnright Footnotes 3: in a multi-column layout (ftnright)
ulem Underlining styles (ulem)
todo Appending a to-do list to a document
eqparbox Constructing \parboxes (eqparbox)
footnote1 Footnotes 1 (footnote)
linguex Formatting linguist examples (linguex)
textcase Case conversion ignoring mathematics (textcase)
varioref References to figures, equations etc. (varioref)
umoline Underline text allowing line breaking (umoline)
syntax Typesetting syntactic items (syntax)
lettrine Dropped capitals (lettrine)
path Typeset URLs, emails, paths etc. verbatim 2 (path)
clock Typesetting graphical clocks (clock)
showkeys Show reference keys in text (showkeys)
refstyle Advanced formatting of cross references
notes Mark document sections with icons
ushort Underlines of various sizes (ushort)
shapepar Shaped paragraphs (shapepar)
prelim2e Mark preliminary versions of document (prelim2e)
xr References to external documents (xr)
soul Hyphenation for letterspacing, underlining, striking... (soul)
bytefield Create illustrations for network protocol specifications
footnote2 Footnotes 2 (pfnote, fnpos, dblfnote)
nath Separate presentation and content in mathematical typography (nath)
hypbmsec Bookmarks in sectioning commands (hypbmsec)
Package Description View TeXdoc
sffms Science fiction/fantasy publishing (sffms)
rcs RCS supplied data in LaTeX documents (rcs)
diagnose Test references to external packages
cv Creating a curriculum vitae (cv)
siunits Support for the International System of Units (siunits)
formular Typesetting forms (formular)
euro1 Conversion of currency units (euro)
isov2 Typesetting ISO standards (isov2)
preprint Preprint Collection of packages
Tables, arrays and lists
Package Description View TeXdoc
longtable Large tables (longtable)
colortbl Coloured tables (colortbl)
enumerate Extended enumeration style (enumerate)
listliketab Make list-like tables
blkarray Extended tabular and array environments 3 (blkarray)
multirow Table entry spanning multiple rows (multirow)
mdwlist Additional list environments/commands (mdwlist)
threeparttablex Table divided into caption, body, notes (threeparttablex)
booktabs Publication quality tables in LaTeX
array Extended tabular and array environments 1 (array)
tabularx Modification of tabular column widths (tabularx)
wrapfig Wrap text around tables (wrapfig)
tabls Keep text from touching other text/hlines (tabls)
arydshln Dashed lines, horizontal and vertical (arydshln)
delarray Arrays with delimiters (delarray)
mdwtab Extended tabular and array environments 2 (mdwtab)
eqlist Lists with equal indentation (eqlist)
dcolumn Alignment on decimal point (dcolumn)
hhline Single/double lines in tables (hhline)
General layout
Package Description View TeXdoc
metre Typesetting scholarly publications dealing with Greek and Latin texts (metre)
memoir Replacement for book/report class (memoir)
savetrees Pack as much text as possible onto each page (savetrees)
fancyhdr Page headers/footers/numbering (fancyhdr)
startex Typesetting simple student reports (StarTeX)
fullpage Set margins to full page (fullpage)
refman Writing technical reference manuals (refman)
fix2col Bugfix for two-column typesetting (fix2col)
poemscol Typesetting poetry collections (poemscol)
ltugboat TUGboat macros (ltugboat)
multicol Multiple columns (multicol)
texsis TeX macros for physists (TeXsis)
facsimile Document class for preparing faxes
layouts Visual layout control (layouts)
indentfirst The indentfirst package
shapepar Shaped paragraphs (shapepar)
anysize Margin sizes (anysize)
geometry Page layout (geometry)
crop Crop marks (crop)
setspace Double line spacing (setspace)
microtype Microtypographic extensions to pdfTeX (microtype)
layout Display layout parameters (layout)
balance Balancing two columns of text (balance)
titlesec Chapter/section headings 1 (titlesec)
Package Description View TeXdoc
pbdiagram Diagram package using LAMSTeX or Xy-pic fonts (pb-diagram)
msc Typesetting message sequence charts (msc)
bardiag Drawing of bar diagrams in LaTeX (bardiag)
circ Typesetting cirquit diagrams (circ)
expressg Drawing diagrams with MetaPost
Languages/national specials
Package Description View TeXdoc
akademia Polish Virtual Academy of TeX
lshortukr Ukrainian Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
lshortjp Japanese Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
lshorttr Turkish Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
csplain Czech/Slovak typesetting with plain TeX
montex1 Cyrillic, Mongolian, Manju support (montex)
lshortnl Dutch Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
vntex Typesetting Vietnamese (VnTeX)
lshortkr Korean Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
plcls Polish LaTeX document classes (mwcls)
lshortsp Spanish Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
amsldocvi AMS-LaTeX Manual (Vietnamese)
lshortfr French Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
lshortmn Mongolian Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
lshortru Russian Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
teubner Extension of the greek option in Babel (teubner)
esindex Spanish index entries
lshortru Bulgarian Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
MeX Polish extension of Plain TeX (MeX)
lshortpe Persian (Farsi) Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
dutch Dutch LaTeX document classes
lshortcs Czech/Slovak Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
cyrillic Cyrillic packages for LaTeX
lshortvi Vietnamese Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
dinbrief German letter DIN style (dinbrief)
montex2 Mongolian LaTeX
lshortpt Portuguese Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
gerdoc German old and new orthography support
lshortth Thai Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
lshortzh Chinese Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
cyrguide Russian: Cyrillic languages in LaTeX
lshortsf Finnish Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
lshortde German Short Introduction to LaTeX
lshortsl Slovenian Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
lshortit Italian Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
lshortpl Polish Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
otibet Writing tibetian text for Omega (otibet)
Package Description View TeXdoc
texpower Dynamic online presentations with LaTeX (texpower)
prosper1 Prosper: A tour of Prosper facilities
seminar Slides/foils (seminar)
prosper Prosper: A manual for the prosper class
beamer User's Guide to the beamer class
ifmslide Enhanced presentations with (PDF)LaTeX
Package Description View TeXdoc
amsthm AMS theorem environment (amsthm)
tensind Tensorial Indexes (tensind)
concmath Concrete Math fonts (concmath)
subeqn Equation subnumbering and primes
gauss Typesetting matrix operations
mathenv Equation alignment (mathenv)
bm Bold math symbols (bm)
accents Tools for mathematical accents (accents)
euler AMS Euler fonts (euler)
amsthm2 AMS theorem environment: example
AMSfonts AMS Fonts
easymat Extra support for block matrices 1 (easymat)
easybmat Extra support for block matrices 2 (easybmat)
doublestroke Doublestroke fonts for sets (doublestroke)
easyvector C-like syntax for writing vectors or matrices (easyvector)
polynom Manipulating polynomials (polynom)
theorem Extended theorem style (theorem)
permute Permutations: input and output formats (permute)
tangles Diagrammatic macros for tangles and Hopf algebras
nath Producing 'natural math notation' (nath)
breqn Automatic line breaking of displayed equations (breqn)
AMSlatex AMS LaTeX manual (amsmath)
comma Numbers with comma every 3 digits (comma)
gnlogic Typestting logical formulas (gn-logic)
empheq EMPHasizing EQuations (empheq)
amslatex2 AMSLaTeX 2.0: Technical notes
mdwmath Square root without vinculum (mdwmath)
easyeqn Equation environments (easyeqn)
Auxiliary tools
Package Description View TeXdoc
progress Create an overview of a documents' state (progress)
alphalph Convert numbers to letters (alphalph)
calc Infix notation arithmetic in LaTeX (calc)
fileerr Avoid fatal file not found errors (fileerr)
typehtml Process HTML code (typehtml)
tokenizer Split comma-separated list of strings into tokens (tokenizer)
texnames Typeset names of TeX and METAFONT programs (texnames)
comment Comment out parts of text 2 (comment)
rotpages Multiple page rotation in LaTeX
verbatim Comment out parts of text 1 (verbatim)
akletter Comprehensive letter support (akletter)
remreset Suppress counter reset (remreset)
isorot Rotate document elements (isorot)
pagesel Select pages for output (pagesel)
plain Plain TeX code in LaTeX (plain)
MLTeX Enable MLTeX extensions within LaTeX
ToC, index and glossary
Package Description View TeXdoc
varindex Luxury frontend to the \index command (varindex)
minitoc Tables of contents/tables/figures at beginning of chapter (minitoc)
titletoc Layout of table of contents (titletoc)
multitoc Multi-column table of contents/tables/figures (multitoc)
nomencl List of used variables/Glossary (nomencl)
Package Description View TeXdoc
exam Typesetting exam scripts (exam)
flcards Typesetting flashcards
Typesetting labels
Package Description View TeXdoc
cd Creating CD labels (cd)
labels1 EnvLab: Printing Envelopes and Labels
labels labels: Labels for envelopes
ticket Labels, visiting cards, pins with LaTeX (ticket)
The TeX Live Guide
Package Description View TeXdoc
texlive7 Czech/Slovak
texlive1 English
texlive5 Russian
texlive4 Polish
texlive2 German
texlive3 French
texlive6 Serbian
texlive8 Simplified Chinese
Macro programming
Package Description View TeXdoc
clsguide Class/package writing fundamentals
doafter TeX group handling (doafter)
binhex Convert numbers into bin, oct and hex notation
trace Tracing Macros (trace)
docstrip Package documentation writing/formatting (docstrip)
sublabel Subnumber LaTeX counters (sublabel)
modguide Modifying LaTeX
everyshi Execute something before page shipout (everyshi)
ifthen Conditional structures in LaTeX (ifthen)
bibtexhak BIBTeX Hacker's Guide (bibtex)
at New commands with the @ symbol (at)
localloc Enhanced register allocation macros (localloc)
datenumber Convert a date into a number (datenumber)
xspace Space control after macros (xspace)
somedefs Use selected definitions of package (somedefs)
twoopt Define commands with 2 optional arguments (twoopt)
stdclsdv Get sectional divisioning of classes (stdclsdv)
everysel Execute something after every new font loading (everysel)
isodate Switch between different date formats (isodate)
Guides and tutorials
Package Description View TeXdoc
lshort Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
AMSinstr AMS book/paper typesetting intructions
pdftex pdfTeX User Manual
dtxtut How to Package Your LaTeX Package
etex e-TeX Manual
gentle A Gentle Introduction to TeX
AMSguide User's Guide to AMS-TeX
latex The unofficial LaTeX2e reference manual
uktugfaq English FAQ from UK TUG
lehman The Font Installation Guide
texguide User's guide (LaTeX2e for authors)
symbols Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List (a4)
KOMAg KOMA-Script User's Guide (german)
eplain Expanded Plain TeX
Fonts / Metafont
Package Description View TeXdoc
trajan Trajan fonts (trajan)
altfont Using alternative fonts (altfont)
brushscr BrushScript-Italic type1 font (brushscr)
plnfss Font selection in plain TeX
lmfonts Latin Modern Type 1 fonts
eufrak Euler Fraktur fonts for math (eufrak)
beton Concrete fonts (beton)
inputenc Input encoding (inputenc)
bm Bold math symbols (bm)
marvosym Marvosym symbol fonts (marvosym)
fontname Fontname: Reference list of font names
genfont1 Font selection in LaTeX
dingbat Dingbat fonts
epsdice Scalable dice font
euler AMS Euler fonts (euler)
ocherokee Typesetting Cherokee texts (ocherokee)
doublestroke Doublestroke fonts for sets (doublestroke)
type1cm Scalable type 1 CM fonts (type1cm)
astro Astronomical symbols (astrosym)
belleek Belleek fonts (belleek)
feyn Feyn font for Feynman diagrams
cmtt CM typewriter encoding (cmtt)
braille Braille symbols (braille)
fourier Extended Utopia fonts
stmaryrd St. Mary's Road symbol font (stmaryrd)
skt Sanskrit for LaTeX (skt)
t1enc1 T1 font encoding overview (t1enc)
mflogo The logo font family (mflogo)
mfpic1 Pictures in TeX with Metafont and MetaPost
euscript Euler Script/calligraphic fonts for math (euscript/eucal)
wasysym WASY symbol fonts (wasysym)
psnfss LaTeX font packages for use with common PostScript fonts
AMSfonts AMS Fonts: User's Guide
yfonts Usage of old german fonts (yfonts)
cmsuper CM-Super font package
Package Description View TeXdoc
endfloat Move floats to end of document (endfloat)
multicap Formatting captions inside multicols (multicap)
placeins Place floats "in place" (placeins)
subfloat Subnumbering tables and floats (subfloat)
figcaps Put figures and tables at the end of an article (figcaps)
sidecap Captions, typeset sideways (sidecap)
float Floating objects (float)
ctable Centering tables and figures (ctable)
capt-of Captions, faked (capt-of)
afterpage Expand float command after current page (afterpage)
authblk Prepare Author and Affiliation blocks (authblk)
rotfloat Floats, rotated (rotfloat)
Package Description View TeXdoc
metapost0 Introduction to MetaPost Manual
overpic Combine LaTeX commands over included graphics (overpic)
crop Crop marks (crop)
metapost2 MetaPost graphics tutorial
fmp LaTeX package to support Functional MetaPost (fmp)
xypic1 XYpic User Guide (xypic)
pstcirc Drawing electric circuits (pst-circ)
treetex Drawing trees with TeX (treetex)
wrapfig Wrap text around figures (wrapfig)
miniplot Easy figure arrangement (MiniPlot)
metaobj Metapost package providing high-level objects (metaobj)
hvfloat Rotating objects and captions (hvfloat)
figsize Automatic sizing of figures (figsize)
histogr Drawing histograms in picture environment
texdraw TeXDraw: advanced drawing using PS (texdraw)
metapost1 MetaPost Manual
eepic epic picture environment extensions (eepic)
apmgraph Extensions to LaTeX picture environment (pmgraph)
pspicture Extended picture environment (pspicture)
graphics PS and other graphics (graphics/graphicx)
pstoptic Optic drawings: lenses and mirrors (pst-optic)
pgf User's Guide to the TikZ/PGF Package
PSfrag Insert LaTeX constructs in PS figures (PSfrag)
petri-nets Petri-nets packages
xypic2 XYpic Reference Manual (xypic)
Verbatim and code printing
Package Description View TeXdoc
moreverb Extension to verbatim 2/line numbering (moreverb)
mftinc Pretty-print Metafont source code into a Tex file (mftinc)
lineno Provide line numbers on paragraphs (lineno)
sverb Extension to verbatim printing 3 (sverb)
fancyvrb Fancy verbatim printing (fancyvrb)
listings Source code printing (listings)
newvbtm Define your own verbatim-like environment (newvbtm)
verbatim Extension to verbatim 1/comments (verbatim)
TeX on the Web
Package Description View TeXdoc
hyperref Hyperlinks in LaTeX (hyperref)
pdfscreen PDFscreen: Manual
hypcap Adjusting anchors of captions (hypcap)
hyperref1 On PDF information and navigation elements
attachfile Attaching arbitrary files to a PDF document (attachfile)
webguide A Brief Guide to LaTeX Tools for Web Publishing
tex4ht TeX4ht: LaTeX and TeX for Hypertext
pdfpages Insertion of external PDF documents (pdfpages)
Accessory programs
Package Description View TeXdoc
dvips Dvips: DVI to PostScript
web2c Introduction to web2c
index MakeIndex: Index preparation
xindy Xindy: new index processor
bibtexdoc BIBTeX documentation (bibtex)
dvipdfm Dvipdfm: DVI to PDF
Extended Systems
Package Description View TeXdoc
jadetex JadeTeX
latex3p LaTeX3 Programming Language
xmltex xmltex: XML parser implemented in TeX
latex3 LaTeX3 project
etex e-TeX - extended TeX
cjk Typesetting Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK)
Package Description View TeXdoc
musixtex MusiXTeX: Using TeX to write music (musixtex)
musixlyr MusiXTeX extension for writing lyrics (musixlyr)
guitar Typesetting guitar chords (guitar)
Package Description View TeXdoc
cfgguide LaTeX2e configuration guide
web2c Introduction to web2c
TDS TeX Directory Structure
kpathsea kpathsea library manual
tetex teTeX manual
fontinst Font installation in TeX (fontinst)
Package Description View TeXdoc
othello Creating othello boards in LaTeX (othello)
crosswrd Typesetting crossword puzzles (crosswrd)
cwpuzzle Typesetting crossword puzzles (cwpuzzle)
psgo Games: Typesetting Go Diagrams (psgo)
skak Games: Typesetting Chess (skak)
Package Description View TeXdoc
acmconf ACM Proceedings (acmconf)
imac IMAC conferences
kluwer Kluwer Academic Publishers
nrc National Research Council
ieee IEEE (IEEEtran)
spie SPIE Proceedings (spie)
ieeepes IEEE PES Transactions
aastex American Astronomical Society (aastex)
Package Description View TeXdoc
gloss Creating glossaries using BibTeX
custom-bib Bibliography customization (custom-bib/makebst)
natbib Bibliography with author-year or numerical style (natbib)
overcite Superscript number-only citations/compressed references (overcite)
bibtexdoc BIBTeX documentation (bibtex)
authorindex Generate a list of all authors cited in a document (authorindex)
directory Creating an address-book like database (directory)
natbib2 natbib reference sheet
mcite Collapsing multiple citations into one (mcite)
bibtexhak BIBTeX Hacker's Guide (bibtex)
opcit Footnote-style bibliographical references (opcit)
chapterbib Multiple bibliographies in document (chapterbib)
apacite Citation and Reference list (apacite)
harvard Harvard Family of Bibliography Styles
drftcite Use citation labels instead of numbers in drafts (drftcite)
cite Number-only citations/compressed references (cite)
footbib References as footnotes (footbib)
ascelike Bibliography style for ASCE (ascelike)
achemso BibTeX style for Chemistry Publications (achemso)
easybib Easy custom-made bibliographies (easybib)
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